Why Acuity Pro?


What Sets Us Apart

  • Faster, More Accurate Refractions
  • Free Tech Support – No Add-On Tech Support Fees After the First Year or Ever
  • Telephone and email Support Options
  • 56 Key Custom Remote – Unique to Acuity Pro
  • Smart Randomization™
  • Always Random Option 
  • Infinite Randomization for Visual Acuity Charts
  • Multiline Display Choices
  • 3 Letter Sets for Each Line 
  • Customizable Image and Video Playlists
  • 6 ETDRS Charts + Random
  • Precise Optotypes, not Fonts
  • ANSI Compliant
  • English, Metric, Decimal, or​ LogMar Display
  • Marco Integration
  • Software Only or All-in-One Systems
  • USB License Key for Portability and Immediate Disaster Recovery
  • Training Tutorial Video
  • Dual Monitor Compliant
  • Smaller Increments of Larger Optotypes for Low Vision
  • Full Features List

Add Your Own Photos

The Acuity Pro image library includes 50 photos of common ocular pathology conditions. An intuitive import feature provides the capability to create a custom image library to support the practice’s areas of speciality or for use in creating custom slide shows.  Think of how much easier and faster it would be to show the patient a picture of a posterior subcapsular cataract!

Slide Show Option

Acuity Pro supports up to 9 unique slide shows and provides easy customization of pathology slide decks, promotional material or other topics of interest. After pre-testing, have the technician start a slide show with internal marketing messages, scenic slides or anything you want to display. What a great way to educate your patients about unique aspects of your practice or your life!

Video Player Option

This is a great feature! Import any wmv or avi video file or movie clip and show it directly within Acuity Pro. It is an excellent way to direct a child’s attention while performing retinoscopy. Included are a video of a punctal plug insertion, several cartoons and a LASIK clip.

Replace That Old Bulb Projector With Acuity Pro Software.

Why switch?

  • A burned out bulb slows down your day
  • A bulb dims every day it is used
  • Bulbs changed at different times in different rooms will have different levels of brightness
  • Dust collects on bulbs and slides
  • Extremely low tech and inaccurate
  • Must refract in dim illumination 
  • Mirror set up requires two mirrors

"Acuity Pro has made doing a refraction easier with all the chart options, especially for kids. I find myself wondering how I practiced without it."

– Vicki Leung, O.D. – Woodland Hills, CA

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