Acuity Pro Digital Acuity System

Acuity Pro Digital Acuity System in Space

Acuity Pro Digital Acuity System

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Acuity Pro™ Digital Acuity System – available as an All-In-One system or software only. Features include  comprehensive ISO/ANSI compliant visual acuity charts with integrated patient education and practice marketing tools. In addition, it is exceptionally easy to use and customize. Use the included photos, videos and slideshows or import your own. Create macros for your preferred chart sequences. No internet connection required – therefore, no patient downtime associated with internet connectivity issues. Visit the features page for a comprehensive list of Acuity Pro Digital Acuity System features.

Digital Acuity System and Visual Acuity Software

Welcome to Acuity Pro!

Digital Acuity System and Visual Acuity Chart Software – developed by doctors with over 20 years of crowdsourcing enhancements!

Acuity Pro truly “Thinks Outside the Bulb” to provide a complete digital visual acuity system that includes patient education and practice marketing. In addition, it is exceptionally easy to use and customize. Our latest software suite is a state-of-the-art visual acuity testing program and – most noteworthy – is currently being used on the International Space Station. Available as software only or as a complete All-In-One digital acuity chart system.

The Acuity Pro Digital Acuity System features include a custom 56 key remote, Marco autophoropter integration, ANSI compliant sizing and spacing, randomization for any acuity chart, picture-in-picture for dual monitor systems, image libraries for pathology and patient education, integrated video player, and the ability to display in single letter, line or multi-line format. Acuity chart targets include Snellen, Sloan, numbers, 6 standard ETDRS charts and illiterate charts including pediatric symbols, HOTV, tumbling C and tumbling E.

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Think Outside the Bulb

Want faster, easier and more accurate refractions? Acuity Pro digital acuity system is right for you! Visit the Acuity Pro Store for pricing information.


User Defined Keys

There are ten user defined keys (F3 – F12) available that allow assignment of any sequence of hotkey keystrokes to a single Function key. You can store an entire exam sequence of charts to a single button on the remote and step through the sequence by repeatedly pressing the assigned Function key.

Variable Contrast Letter Set

This feature allows relative contrast from 0 to 30 percent  It is a great way to test pre- and post- LASIK patients for contrast sensitivity. Press ‘J’ to invoke this feature.

Ocular Pathology Image Library

Acuity Pro includes approximately 50 high resolution images of common ocular pathologies. These images are invaluable in explaining ocular conditions to your patients in a professional – and expeditious – manner. This feature alone can shave minutes off patient education time.

Software Only

Go Green! Install Acuity Pro on your EMR computer and add a second monitor. In the event of a catastrophic hardware failure, move the license key to another Windows computer, reinstall Acuity Pro and patient flow is back to normal in minutes – not days.

All-In-One Systems

​Prefer simple? No sweat! Embrace the ease of a plug-and-go visual acuity system.  No cables to run – remove the optimally pre-configured Acuity Pro​ All-In-One system from the box, plug in, set on a shelf or use the included wall mount and start refracting with greater speed and accuracy!

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