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20 Years of Innovative Optometry Technology

After becoming frustrated with the lack of digital eye chart options and visual testing tools available in 1999, Dr. Daniel Bintz and Dr. Jerry Carter identified the need for a comprehensive digital acuity system. With Dr. Carter as the software developer and Dr. Bintz as the sales and marketing lead, this duo of doctors developed the first version of Acuity Pro, the first of its kind in optometry technology. 

Since the initial version was released over 20 years ago, ongoing version changes have been made based upon customer feedback. Acuity Pro has always had a “by doctors, for doctors” philosophy, and the difference in the details of our system shine through for all of our customers.

Innovations in Visual Acuity & Vision Care

Since it was founded, Acuity Pro has been a supporter of the vision care industry. In building optometry technology and visual testing tools, we wanted to create software that serves actual doctors well.

We have grown to have a worldwide reach, with over 8,000 optometrists and ophthalmologists in more than 20 countries around the globe and on the International Space Station in 2013.

We donate Acuity Pro systems to colleges of optometry, including two units for a mobile vision clinic for the Pacific University of Optometry and to the future optometry school in Haiti, though Optometry Giving Sight. We hope to reach and serve more people around the world with our eye chart and optometry technology.

Acuity Pro is also an active vendor at industry trade shows and supporters of trade journals. By advertising and sponsoring industry events and publications, we help make them more affordable for providers.

Leaders in Optometry Technology

We have made continual updates and improvements to our visual acuity software over the past 20+ years and will continue to do so.  We are open to peer feedback and strive to make Acuity Pro the best digital visual acuity system available.

We are proud to offer live technical support, with a dedicated support phone number. Even after hours, we monitor our support voicemail and email inbox for urgent issues to ensure our digital eye chart works when you need it most.

We offer a variety of solutions, from a software only package to an All-In-One Digital Acuity System option that includes our recommended hardware, peripherals, and a multi-year warranty. 

Acuity Pro on the International Space Station

Approximately 20% of astronauts develop eye problems while in space, with common diagnoses including papilledema, cotton wool spots, and increased intraocular pressure (IOP).

Our latest version of Acuity Pro is a state-of-the-art visual acuity testing program that is currently being used by NASA on the International Space Station to monitor and evaluate changes in astronauts’ vision. With our software, scientists can track potential eye problems in real-time as they progress, instead of having to wait until the astronauts return to Earth.

We are proud that our optometry technology is a part of NASA’s Ocular Health Study.

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