Version History

Continual version upgrades have been released since Acuity Pro was first created in 1999. Thanks to user feedback throughout the years, features have been continually incorporated and updated. On this page, you will find more details about some of the recent version releases and what was included in them.

Version 10

  • Patti Pics® pediatric chart*
  • Crisp optotype graphics
  • Chart rows to 20/800 for select optotypes
  • New user interfaces:
    • Display of images, videos, and slideshows
    • Macro definition setup
    • Access File Explorer or Finder directly from Acuity Pro for import of photos, videos, and slideshows 
    • Com port list available via Acuity Pro preferences for setup of Acuity Pro remote control
    • No longer require USB or CD license key. License is activated via the internet.  Note: Manual activation is available for standalone, non-internet connected computers
    • Support for HiDPI monitors
    • 32 and 64 bit Windows 10 versions
    • Marco integration with RT-6100

*Patti Pics® is a U.S. registered trademark of Precision Vision Inc. and is used under license from Precision Vision, Inc. The Precision Vision and Patti Pics® logos are © Precision Vision.

Version 9

  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) available on EHR monitor when using dual monitor setup
  • White-on-black optotype option
  • Allow multiple select of photos and videos during import
  • Includes the six standardized ETDRS charts
  • Manual advance in the slideshow (used for nano lectures)
  • Ability to vary fixation dot size, astigmatic dot pattern, and 4-dot size
  • Improved Remote Control software to allow rescan of ports when ‘Auto Configure’ is checked without having to restart
  • Automatic copy of v8 or v7 preferences during upgrade (this includes macros, calibrations, hotkeys, etc.)

Version 8

  • Marco integration with RT-3100, RT-5100 & RT-2100*
  • Smart Randomization
  • Three known letter sets in single-line mode, plus random
  • Line length choices
  • Multi-line length choices
  • New video player with playlists
  • USB license key
  • 2 new ETDRS charts plus random
  • Choice of red/blue or red/green for binocular tests
  • Create video playlists
  • Simultaneous mixed monitor use, no toggling

*Some early versions of the RT-2100 may not have the chart choice of SC2000-M or CP690-E, which is required for the interface to work properly. Please check to make sure one of these chart options is available before ordering the interface.

Version 7

  • Added Sloan optotype with variable contrast
  • Added Flash Player
  • New remote control
  • Created slideshow access for new remote
  • Added on/off option for 20/10
  • Enlarged scroll bar for calibration
  • Enlarged font for calibration
  • F2 toggle between with/without fusion lock
  • Changed 4-dot to allow sizing with +/- remote buttons and keyboard keys

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