Ways to Purchase Acuity Pro Visual Acuity System

Acuity Pro truly “Thinks Outside the Bulb” to provide a complete visual testing tool with our digital visual acuity system that includes acuity chart, patient education and practice marketing. Our software is exceptionally easy to use and customize for your visual acuity exam. The latest software suite is a state-of-the-art visual acuity testing program and is currently being used on the International Space Station.

At Acuity Pro, we understand different practices have different needs. We offer our digital acuity system as a standalone software purchase, or as an all-in-one solution with our recommended hardware and peripherals. The choice is yours!

Regardless of which solution you purchase, we offer free technical support, with no add-on tech support fees.  We offer convenient telephone and email support options so you can easily contact us.

Add-On Items

Looking for ways to run your Acuity Pro system more seamlessly? 

We’ve got you covered with these items made just for your practice.

AcuityPro monitor with Snellen chart a visual acuity chart for visual acuity testing.

Volume Discounts or International Orders

For volume pricing or international orders, please call (580) 243-1301 to place your order.


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