HOTV Response Card


The HOTV Response Card is the perfect companion to Acuity Pro’s digital acuity systems, offering a tangible, interactive element for accurate vision screenings with children and non-verbal patients. Durable, user-friendly, and seamlessly integrated—it’s the modern solution for enhanced patient engagement.

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The HOTV Response Card is a key component in the suite of Acuity Pro’s digital acuity systems, designed to enhance the interaction between patient and practitioner during visual acuity assessments. This response card, featuring high-contrast HOTV optotypes, is perfectly suited for use alongside Acuity Pro’s digital solutions, allowing for a harmonious and integrated approach to vision testing, especially with pediatric or non-verbal patients.

Constructed with durability in mind, the HOTV Response Card is an enduring asset that aligns with the digital acuity systems’ commitment to quality and precision. It ensures that practitioners can conduct reliable, interactive screenings in any setting, complementing the advanced features of the digital system.

The HOTV Response Card comes with user-friendly instructions that dovetail with the digital systems’ protocols, providing a seamless testing experience. When used in conjunction with Acuity Pro’s digital systems, this response card facilitates an engaging, efficient testing process, reinforcing the accuracy of the results and the comfort of the patient experience.

Incorporating the HOTV Response Card into your Acuity Pro digital acuity testing routine empowers you to deliver a high standard of care with a personal touch. It’s an essential tool that bridges traditional and digital methodologies, ensuring comprehensive and compassionate eye care.

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Dimensions 18 × 13 × 0.25 cm
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