Acuity Pro Ten

  • Version 10.4.8
  • Download 6597
  • File Size 663 MB
  • Create Date January 26, 2019

Acuity Pro Ten is the latest release of the Acuity Pro Digital Acuity System. Acuity Pro Ten provides a visual acuity chart integrated with patient education and practice marketing capability! Click on the "Acuity Pro 10.4.8" link above to initiate the download. Click to access the Acuity Pro Ten Manual.

Acuity Pro Ten features include:

  • Pediatric video -> Learn about Vision with Dr. Frank and Gwen
  • Patti Pics®* pediatric chart
  • Updated intuitive interface for uploading photos/videos/slideshows
  • Chart rows up to 20/800 for most charts
  • Sharp optotypes for all visual acuity charts
  • Interface for creating custom hot keys on the remote or keyboard
  • Available as a download
  • No need for a USB or CD license key

Bug fix for 10.4.8 release:

  • Bug fix in restore of settings file

Bug fix for 10.4.7 release:

  • More robust backup/restore capability for Acuity Pro settings file

Option added to 10.4.3 release:

  • Option to change the display order of P and A on the 20/25 row of the Snellen chart

Bug fix for the 10.4.2 release:

  • Bug fix for videos playing sound but displaying a black screen

Features and bug fixes for the 10.4.1 release:

  • Option to disable Q and H keys on the remote
  • Option to disable startup messages when using Marco charts
  • Resolves errors related to multi-display setups when the displays have different resolutions and scale factors
  • Bug fix to eliminate errant downsizing of videos on startup
  • Multiple performance enhancements

Feature added for the 10.3.12 release:

  • mp4 video format

Bug fixes for the 10.3.10 release include:

  • Corrects placement of crowd bars and special charts with multi-monitor setups when the monitors have different resolutions
  • Option to disable auto-phoropter connection status messages
  • Stability improvements with multi-monitor setups when the monitors have different scale factors

*Patti Pics® is a U.S. registered trademark of Precision Vision, Inc. and are used under license from Precision Vision, Inc. The Precision Vision and Patti Pics® logos are © Precision Vision.

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