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Version 9 Update

Version 9 update

The Version 9 update is for the following builds of Acuity Pro Version 9:

072213, 072513, 073013, 103013, 011014, 090414, 102014, 060115, 070615, 072515, 081015, 081315, 081916, 082416, 020917 and 032817

It will update your program to the latest build, 041517. The Acuity Pro desktop icon will not change but you can verify the build after the update completes. The build will appear on the lower right corner of the Acuity Pro splash screen when you run Acuity Pro.

Note: You Must Close Acuity Pro Before Applying the Version 9 Update

The Version 9 update is a cumulative update, it corrects the following problems:​​

  • Corrected freezing problem when PIP was not invoked and M or G were pressed with keyboard
  • Corrected misalignment of masks in PIP
  • Corrected misalignment of PIP letters when V pressed
  • Corrected runtime error 425 associated with Marco interface use - error occurred with Marco use only
  • Corrected runtime error division by zero when PIP was minimized then enlarged
  • Corrected Main screen and Calibration screen Registration banner
  • Added check to prevent more than one instance of Acuity ProTM to be running
  • Corrected macro problem involving line and multi-line screens which would change length or number of rows
  • Corrected inability to adjust and save size of fixation dot and 4 dot via keyboard control
  • Corrected inability to exit tutorial from keyboard
  • Corrected inability of remote to access 3 new ETDRS charts
  • Corrected PIP ETDRS for white on black
  • Corrected inability of PIP to display LogMar, decimal and metric units
  • Access to Acuity ProTM videos enabled from Marco
  • Corrected inability to create video playlist
  • Corrected hot key assignment behavior
  • Corrected random problem when exiting Marco screen
  • Corrected size issue for picture chart when exiting Marco screen
  • Added new slides to ECN slideshow (updates may need to manually setup the ECN slideshow)
  • Added new photos to NASA slideshow
  • Corrected 4 Dot Save issue
  • Added Melton Scenic slides (if wanted, user must manually setup this slideshow)
  • Corrected video runtime error occurring on some computers (build 090414 only)
  • Corrected problem with Remote Control Auto Configure not staying checked
  • Corrected problem with Exam Writer losing focus when remote was pressed
  • Corrected numerous Marco screens not displaying properly when white on black or contrast
  • Changed Snellen optotype letter "A" to full black
  • Corrected 2 Marco screens
  • Corrected picture optotype sizing problem
  • Corrected erratic behavior of remote control after update 070615
  • Corrected problem with Picture in Picture no displaying randomization
  • Improved COM port conflict resolution with other devices using FTDI chipsets
  • Corrects problem with Macro displaying single letter, single line and multiline
  • Corrected F1 Help screen display when invoked from remote
  • Added MP4 import support in video screen
  • Adapted Control Panel to fit on short screens
  • Replaced one irregular optotype
  • Added new driver for interface box
  • Corrects inability to play certain videos (mpg) after March 2017 Windows update
  • Corrects problem with use of toggle screens and macros​

Ready to elevate your Acuity Pro experience to new heights? The Version 9 Update is here, offering a comprehensive solution to enhance your software's performance and usability. Whether you're dealing with minor bugs or seeking improvements, this update is tailored for your specific build, ensuring a seamless and efficient upgrade to the latest build, 041517.

Don't let outdated software hold you back. Close your Acuity Pro, apply the Version 9 Update, and dive into a world of refined efficiency and reliability. Verify your successful update by the build number on the Acuity Pro splash screen, and enjoy the multitude of fixes and new features designed to streamline your workflow and expand your capabilities.

Make the smart choice for your practice today. Update now and transform your Acuity Pro experience with the Version 9 Update—because your software should work as hard as you do.

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