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Version 7 Install

Complete Version 7 Install Image (Note: To purchase an upgrade to Acuity Pro Version 10, visit the Acuity Pro Store.)

This download requires a password. Contact us at (580) 243-1301 or for access prior to initiating the download.

​Download the file to your computer by clicking on the Version 7 Install Image link above. Once downloaded, move the file to "c:" on your computer. Double click on the file and it will begin the extraction process. After the files are extracted, you can either install from that location by clicking on the file entitled "Install" or burn an installation CD with all the files included and install it from the CD.

Version 7 Install features:

  • Added Sloan optotype with variable contrast
  • Added Flash Player
  • New remote control
  • Created slideshow access for new remote
  • Added on/off option for 20/10
  • Enlarged scroll bar for calibration
  • Enlarged font for calibration
  • F2 toggle between with/without fusion lock
  • Changed 4-dot to allow sizing with +/- remote buttons and keyboard keys

Are you looking for features beyond what version 7 offers? You can learn more about the versions of Acuity Pro and the features for each on our Version History Page.

Ready for an upgrade?


Embrace precision eye care with Acuity Pro Version 10. This version introduces the Patti Pics® pediatric chart, ensuring you cater to younger patients with accuracy and ease. Enjoy crisp optotype graphics and expanded chart rows up to 20/800 for select optotypes, allowing for a wider range of visual acuity testing. The new user interfaces streamline your workflow, with direct access to File Explorer or Finder for importing media, and an internet-based licensing system for convenience. Support for HiDPI monitors and both 32 and 64-bit Windows 10 versions makes this update a versatile choice for all practices. Upgrade to Version 10, where innovation meets functionality, providing you with the tools to offer the best in patient care.

Explore Version 10 and our full purchase options in the shop.




Acuity Pro® does not require a dedicated computer. If you already have a computer in your exam room, you can add Acuity Pro to it. You will need a dual-head video card. This allows you to open a different program on each monitor. For example, your desk/primary monitor can display Electronic Health Record (EHR) software while the second monitor displays Acuity Pro.

For a detailed explanation of how to do this, click on ‘Start’ then ‘Help’ and do a ‘search’ for ‘multiple monitors’. Windows help will explain what you need and how to set it up. If you add a new dual head video card, disable the original single output video card.

The 2010 study “Effect of age using Lea Symbols or HOTV for preschool vision screening” concluded, “most children (>95%) completed both tests, with no statistically significant differences.” Ref: Cyert, L. et al. Effect of age using Lea Symbols or HOTV for preschool vision screening. Optometry and Vision Science 2010 Feb; 87(2): 87-95.

For Acuity Pro Ten, click here: Acuity Pro Remote Troubleshooting Guide. For Acuity Pro version 7 – 9, click here: Acuity Pro V7-9 Troubleshooting Guide. If you are still unable to resolve the problem, contact us at 580.243.1301 or

Acuity Pro’s visual acuity chart software requires a computer with Windows 10 or 11; a minimum of 8 GB of RAM; a hard drive with 1.5 GB of available space; one free USB port; a sound card; a video card capable of 1024 x 768 resolution or higher (1920 x 1080 recommended) and a 20″ or larger VESA mount capable monitor with speakers. If you require a video cable longer than 10 feet, purchase the highest quality ‘no signal loss’ cable you can find.

The monitor and computer video ports must be compatible (i.e., if the computer has an HDMI port, the monitor will need an HDMI port). Video port adapters are discouraged, as we have had mixed success with them.

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