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Version 8 Update

Version 8 update

Please ​Note: You Must Close Acuity Pro Before Applying the Version 8 Update

This Version 8 update is for the following  builds of Acuity Pro and is for someone who already has an Acuity Pro license key:

063010, 070510, 071310, 071910, 081210, 101210, 102110, 110210 and 012011

If you have a different build of Acuity Pro Version 8 than one of the builds listed above, please contact Acuity Pro's customer service at (580) 243-1301 or for instructions. To purchase an upgrade to the latest version of Acuity Pro, visit the Acuity Pro Store.

Upon download and install of the version 8 update, Acuity Pro will be updated to the latest Version 8 build, 102711. The Acuity Pro desktop icon will not change but you can verify the latest version of the build after the update completes. The version number will appear on the lower right corner of the Acuity Pro splash screen when you run Acuity Pro.

This is a cumulative Acuity Pro Version 8 update, it corrects the following problems:

  • While in the ETDRS chart, the program would close when using the remote control. This occurred when attempting to move up or down the ETDRS chart rows.
  • Overcrowding of the 20/100 letters when viewing the multi-line screen at large calibration distances.
  • Not all Snellen label notations were hidden when multi-line screen was chosen and the "show chart labels" option was turned off.
  • The "Always Random" setting was not saved when Acuity Pro restarted.
  • After viewing slideshows for a few minutes, the program would freeze or close.
  • The missing charts for the Marco emulator are included.
  • Improved support for hardware key recognition after periods of inactivity.
  • Eliminates the issue with Acuity Pro closing in Marco mode during wake up of the Marco console from hibernation.
  • Corrects the problem with isolated columns or single letters displaying incorrectly when using the Marco mirror mode.
  • Resolves the problem with the program's inability to locate the USB hardware license key.
  • Fixes the issue with the the program losing connection to the USB hardware license key.
  • Resolves the issue with the Marco red/green overlay display.
  • Eliminates the problem with the fixation dot on dual monitor systems.​

Version 8 full features:

  • Marco integration with RT-3100, RT-5100 & RT-2100*
  • Smart Randomization
  • Three known letter sets in single-line mode, plus random
  • Line length choices
  • Multi-line length choices
  • New video player with playlists
  • USB license key
  • 2 new ETDRS charts plus random
  • Choice of red/blue or red/green for binocular tests
  • Create video playlists
  • Simultaneous mixed monitor use, no toggling

*Some early versions of the RT-2100 may not have the chart choice of SC2000-M or CP690-E, which is required for the interface to work properly. Please check to make sure one of these chart options is available before ordering the interface.

Are you looking for features beyond what this version 8 update offers? You can learn more about the versions of Acuity Pro and the features for each on our Version History Page.

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