​Note: You Must Close Acuity Pro Before Applying the Update

This update is for the following Version 8 builds of Acuity Pro:
063010, 070510, 071310, 071910, 081210, 101210, 102110, 110210 and 012011.

Acuity ProTM will be updated to the latest Version 8 build, 102711. The Acuity Pro desktop icon will not change but you can verify the build after the update completes. The build will appear on the lower right corner of the Acuity Pro splash screen when you run Acuity Pro.

This is a cumulative update, it corrects the following problems:
If you have a different build of v8 than one of the 9 listed above, please contact us for instructions.

  • While in the ETDRS chart, the program would close when using the remote control when attempting to move up or down within that chart.
  • Over crowding of 20/100 letters with multi-line screen and large calibration distances.
  • Not all snellen notations would hide when multi-line screen is chosen and notation is turned off.
  • "Always Random" not being remembered when Acuity ProTM was restarted.
  • After viewing slideshows for a few minutes, program would freeze or close.
  • Install missing charts in Marco emulator.
  • Improve support for hardware key recognition after periods of inactivity.
  • Corrects problem in Marco mode of program closing when waking up Marco console after hibernation.
  • Corrects problem in Marco mirror mode of isolated columns or single letters displaying incorrectly.
  • Corrects problems with programs inability to locate or to lose connection with the usb hardware key.
  • Corrects problem with Marco red/green overlay.
  • Corrects problem with fixation dot on dual monitor system.​